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Nth 2013: Some Pictures!

March 11, 2013 Nth, Past Events 1 Comment

Somehow, Andy from the LA Scotch Club convinced me to spend some crazy amount of money to fly to Las Vegas to drink whisky. He assured me that I would be drinking a lot of great stuff. And after all was said and done, Andy was right. I did drink some outstanding scotch and am now making the Nth, like Peatin’ Meetin’, a must attend event every year. Really, the whole experience was freaking awesome!


Aspiring to be the premier whisky event of the world, the place was flooded with global brand ambassadors.  I recognized a lot of faces from reading whisky magazines and blogs. I even met Mahesh Patel, the guy who puts on the Nth event. I also ran into a bunch of folks I first met back in LA while at an LASC or an SGWS event. It was cool.

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Nth 2013: The Journey of “Mackinlay’s Shackelton”

March 5, 2013 Nth, Past Events No Comments

One of the cool things about going to the Nth is seeing and getting up close to celebrities from the whisky industry. And this year did not disappoint. Before the main show, I scored a front row seat to Richard Paterson’s Masterclass of the Shakelton whisky!

mar012013-01 copy

In the span of an hour, Mr. Paterson spoke on all sorts of things, including Earnest Shakelton’s South Pole expedition, the Shakelton whisky, how to properly taste whisky, the replication process of the Shakelton whisky, and even Tim Jarvis’ replication of the Shakelton expedition. And through it all, we were treated to a dram each of the two batches of the Shakelton whisky. Awesome.

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