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Nth 2013: Some Pictures!

March 11, 2013 Nth, Past Events 1 Comment

Somehow, Andy from the LA Scotch Club convinced me to spend some crazy amount of money to fly to Las Vegas to drink whisky. He assured me that I would be drinking a lot of great stuff. And after all was said and done, Andy was right. I did drink some outstanding scotch and am now making the Nth, like Peatin’ Meetin’, a must attend event every year. Really, the whole experience was freaking awesome!


Aspiring to be the premier whisky event of the world, the place was flooded with global brand ambassadors.  I recognized a lot of faces from reading whisky magazines and blogs. I even met Mahesh Patel, the guy who puts on the Nth event. I also ran into a bunch of folks I first met back in LA while at an LASC or an SGWS event. It was cool.

Here are some pictures I took…..

At the Johnny Walker booth, they had the Diamond Jubilee (cool looking decanter). It’s one of 60 bottles and costs about $200,000. I, sadly, didn’t drink any of this.


 Glenfiddich had some interesting offerings…


Glenfiddich’s “Super Pour” – From 1959 – Cask no. 3935 (42.5%) [50yr]


Same year that I was born. Cool!


The booth that I hung out around the most belonged to Glenfarclas. They had some great stuff, and I sampled all of it – the always pleasing 105, the 1972 Family Cask, the 1982 Family Cask, the 21 year, 25 year, and the 40-year. In fact, I’m sure that I drained about a third of a bottle of the 40-year old by myself. It was fantastic stuff. I also sampled their “Super Pour” as well, Glenfarclas Coronation, a 1953 single cask (59 years old)!


Despite initially salivating at the thought of a couple of hundred different scotch whiskys being available at the Nth, there was no way I was going to be able to drink everything. In total, I sampled about 23 different whiskys (kept track by taking pictures of the labels) and miraculously did not get totally wasted….


Oh well, until next time….

Link: Nth

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  1. Turner Moore says:


    I recently found your site and am writing to request you consider adding our Whiskey Obsession events to your calendar. In addition to regular tastings, in March we’ll hold the second annual Whiskey Obsession Festival – our first event featured 175 spirits from 75 brands and was attended by over a dozen global brand ambassadors. With 450 guests, it was reportedly the largest whiskey festival in Florida.

    In the next few weeks we’ll start to update all the website info for the 3/27 – 28/2014 event.

    Thank you,

    Turner Moore


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