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LASC: Peatin’ Meetin’ 2013 Recap – It gets better every year

December 2, 2013 LA Scotch Club, Past Events No Comments

Now that my life has some semblance of normality, without further ado, my recap of the LA Scotch Club‘s Peatin’ Meetin’ 2013….


This past Peatin’ Meetin’ took place in late June at UCLA’s (Go Bruins!) Sunset Recreational Center. As you can tell from the picture, it was a beautiful day for our “little” get together. In total, we had about 320 people on site, drinking scotch, eating steak, smoking cigars, and just having a great time!

After we completed setting up, we kicked things off with the VIP and LASC members hour, which took place before general admission, and where we poured 4 exclusive drams that were sourced from all over the world. Specifically, we had an Ardbeg Lord of the Isles, the 8th release of Port Ellen, an Old Malt Cask 1981 Brora, and a fantastic 1982 Bowmore independently bottled by Samaroli. Though none really knocked my socks off, having the opportunity to taste these legends was a real treat!


To keep things fresh, Dustin Newsome and Luke Ford from the world famous Seven Grand Whiskey Bar joined us again this year and made a smoky punch and amazing cocktails out of Bowmore Scotch Whisky. These were a real hit and were completely gone by the end of the night.


The Bricktop Blaggers also joined us again to provide festive drinking tunes.


A couple of the Team Laphroaig members, 2012 Scotch and Rocks Curling Champion of the World, hanging out with Brandon “Protector of the Peat” from Laphroaig.


As the event got underway, we padded everyone’s stomach with peat-smoked tri-tip; it was delicious! Our peat-smoked BBQ was prepared by Big Slim’s. The peat itself was provided by Ireland Earth. Both Big Slim and Ireland Earth were some of the most professional outfits we’ve had the pleasure to work with.


A couple of my LASC friends hanging out in the “secret” VIP Malibu Cigar Lounge.


The Peat Monster, who was designed and costumed by one of the LASC members, went around pouring scotch into empty glasses.


…..and for the ladies, posed for the camera.


We had over 50 different expressions of peated Scotch and whisk(e)y at this event. Every major distillery that makes a quality, peated spirit were in attendance. We’re talking heavy hitters like Kilchoman (Machir Bay is perfection and what I use to introduce friends to scotch), Ardbeg (Uigeadail FTW!), Bowmore, Bruichladdich (Octomore?!?), Bunnahabhain, Arran, Ledaig, Caol Ila (one of the most balanced peaty scotches), Lagavulin (a daily sipper for me), and of course, Laphroaig (my favorite). There were also some notable up and comers too, like Smokehead, Connemara, McCarthy’s, and Lost Spirits. Some of the better independent bottlers like Samaroli, Chieftains, Douglas Laing, and Single Cask Nation also made their presence known. Really, it was a good turn out and a great show of support from the drinking community.


My buddy Rick from Malibu Cigar Lounge treated guests to Tatuaje cigars, which happens to be one of my favorite brands to smoke.


Photo of the bottles poured during the VIP hour. The perks to having membership to the LA Scotch Club.


Well, that’s all folks.

Despite running around to help out with the event, I had a wonderful time.

I hope that you join us next year!

Link: Peatin’ Meetin’

2013 Press Release:

Los Angeles is getting peatier than ever. On June 29th, three hundred souls will converge to battle an armada of the world’s smokiest whiskies. The Mighty Drammers of the LA Scotch Club have been training rigorously since last year for the chance to topple every bit of smoke, earth, steak and ABV that dares show its peaty face. Women and children have fled the battlefield. Scratch that, the women are on the battlefield with glassware an the livers are fleeing with the children.

Peatin’ Meetin’ is about to begin.

Join us for the most festive celebration of whisky in America. Actually, it’s quite possibly the only festive celebration of whisky. The monotony of sports jacket and conference center tastings is broken. Peatin’ Meetin’ is a full festival of peat. This is a whisky BBQ and we’ll have NY Strip smoked under imported peat supplied by Ireland Earth. The band list has doubled this year with Green Ashes joining an encore performance by the Brick Top Blaggers, who will supply the drinking music. Sponsors from all over the world will converge to the UCLA Picnic grounds to join in the festivities and, for the brave, the infamous Peat Monster will be supplying whisky straight from a cask. Cocktails featuring Bowmore Scotch Whisky will be served on-site by the hugely popular bartendetrs of LA’s Seven Grand. The steak will be peated, the beer will be peated, the sauce will be peated…even the peat will be peated.

Speaking of peated, we may happen to have peated whisky. GREAT whisky. Not just Islay whisky, but whisky distilled around the world that we source from around the world. LA Scotch Club has been around for years now, and although we like our old favorites, we want to find new, rare, and most importantly, fantastic whisky. This isn’t just a tasting, this is how we make our Christmas list. Additionally, for the first time ever, we’ll be dragging whisky out of the Victorian age with a smartphone app that will provide event, sponsor, and whisky information. Users will be able to rate the whiskies with a screen touch and even jot notes.

Every year, Peatin’ Meetin’ gets bigger. Every year it gets better. Every year people say this event is the best whisky tasting they’ve ever had.

See you there.

Special Thank You to the Sponsors of Peatin’ Meetin’ 2013:


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